Classroom Resources

Click on the image to download a SDG poster and SDG word search!

Click on the image to download a SDG poster and SDG word search!

Our ready-to-present Global Citizenship Workshop (for Grades 9-12) is designed by teachers to be low-prep and high-impact, engaging high school students in action-oriented examination of global issues. Explicitly linked to Atlantic Canada’s curriculum outcomes and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the workshop exposes students to the urgency of social and environmental challenges, and showcases solutions that are happening right here in Atlantic Canada.

ACIC's Global Citizen's Guide outlines a number of ways we can all get more involved with our local and global communities. It offers tips on volunteering, ethical consumption, engaging in democracy, organizing events, internships, and much more. It also profiles a number of Atlantic Canadians just like you that are working to make the world a better place.

In addition to the ACT 4 Global Change video profiles, which showcase first-hand stories of Atlantic youth working with local organizations, ACIC has a number of free DVDs available for classroom use.


Share opportunities with students in your school by printing off posters, running an ad in your school newsletter, sharing opportunities on social media, or including us in your announcements.